Shopify App Ideas & Teaching Effectively

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently started EcomLoop to help build better ecommerce businesses. There’s no clearly defined path yet, though I have a lot of ideas. I thought a lot more about two ideas today: Shopify apps and ecommerce courses.

This morning, I was doing some research for some apps to use on my own ecommerce shop and ended up coming up with 11 ideas for Shopify apps that should be created. I could probably come up with another dozen if I gave it some more thought. I’m not a developer, and haven’t ever worked on a project developing an app, but I am tempted to give one of these a shot.

This afternoon I thought a lot more about teaching effectively. I took a kiteboarding lesson, my first since I started dealing with a bone spur in my ankle about 2 years ago. Since it had been a while, I had forgotten a few things, but was initially excited to get back into it. Unfortunately, I booked the lesson with a new company/instructor and we didn’t mesh well at all. Not much in the way of teaching, rather than expecting that I knew how to do everything yet for some reason chose not to. All in all, a frustrating experience (though still looking forward to going again).

It made me think about what a different it makes when someone can explain and teach effectively. There are so many online courses now, and it can be hard to know what’s good, which course to take next. With EcomLoop, it’d be nice to somehow curated ecommerce courses, perhaps as a marketplace.

Still a little unclear on the specific path, but moving in the right direction.


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