I am a independent entrepreneur. I own an ecommerce apparel brand, a nautical decor store, and an ecommerce services business. I’m an investor in a real estate company and an ecommerce startup. Previously, I worked as a real estate broker in San Francisco and Nantucket.

I was born and raised on Nantucket and still spend at least a few weeks there every summer. Otherwise I live south of San Francisco with my wife and son. We travel often, including a lot of time in Tahoe, which is why I’ve avoided a “real job” nearly my entire working career.

My favorite hobby (by far) is skiing. I’m always hopeful next near will be epic but know it probably won’t ever be as good as 2010-11 in Tahoe. I bike nearly every day, spend some time in and on the water, and always plan to take more photos than I actually do.

I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about news and trends in technology, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, ecommerce and more. I plan to share some of my own thoughts and ideas here, mostly in an effort to get ideas out of my head. (But feel free to leave a comment, if you’re inspired.)