Purpose of Writing for Non-Writers

Over the years, I’ve come across a number of people who believe the key to being a great writer is to read more. And it’s hard to discount the value of reading good, quality material, especially books and longform, well-researched articles. Of course, one of the assumed effects of consuming is to consider new perspectives and gain new knowledge, resulting in a new unique combination that can lead to new ideas.

It’s easy to see how this helps an author, and  it’s relatively easy for an author to express those new ideas, in the sense that the medium and purpose is already defined. For someone like myself, with no aim to be a author, it can be more difficult. I’d prefer to use my reading to find new opportunities, whether for personal or professional reasons. However, the result is that I often rush through things without fully solidifying my thoughts, and often end up at dead-ends with nothing to show for my efforts.

As a non-writer, it’s sometimes hard to come up with a reason to write regularly. My purpose with writing is to help clarify my ideas before acting upon them and become comfortable with publishing regularly. It’s a part of being more deliberate with my time and something I’ve had a hard time with in the past.

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