Play your strengths

Over a family vacation to Naples, FL my dad and I had a conversation that I’ve been thinking about a lot. He reminded me that’s important to let opportunities come to you, rather than chasing after them.

It reminds me of Ted Williams’ hitting philosophy of waiting for your pitch. There’s no sense chasing a pitch outside your best hitting zones – unless there’s two strikes. As Warren Buffett has pointed out in a similar analogy to Williams, is that in life, there’s no strikes for not swinging.

The other side of this is that, when your pitch comes, make the most of it. Williams and Buffett clearly made the most of their opportunities, becoming arguably the greatest investor of all time and in-arguably (from this Red Sox fan’s perspective) the greatest hitter of all time.

The goals don’t need to be quite so lofty. The idea of simplifying and focusing on what you do best can apply to anyone trying to forge their own way.

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