Transitions and opportunities

It rarely seems to work this way, but the new year feels like more of a transition than a disruption this year.

In my business, we recently cleared out a large amount of stale inventory, which had been a hindrance for years. The business we acquired during the year is running profitably, and a lot of groundwork has been laid for some upcoming projects. While all goals weren’t achieved, we’re in a much better position and feel ready for the next year. And there were a handful of unexpected positive surprises (bitcoin, crypto, real estate) to more than outweigh the negatives (which has lead me to thinking themes may be better than large scale specific goals.)

Personally, I feel more ready for the next year than I have at this point in a while. My ankle is relatively healthy after a few years of dealing with a bone spur, and our family routines and relationships are much better defined than a year ago when my second son was just 6 weeks old.

There seems to be a consensus online that 2017 was a terrible year, and there certainly were some negatives. I am not a fan of Trump, and dislike most of what he says. However, his presidency so far has not been especially effective in making the changes he wants. And in fact, the anti-trump backlash may have even helped spur the pro-women movements seen this year. It’s a lot easier to fight for a cause when triggered by anger and passion. That’s likely not going away next year, and I imagine we’ll continue to see strong movements towards more equality in backlash to this presidency.

Some of the large tech giants seem to losing some of their allure among the public, which i deem a good thing. We’re a long way from google/Facebook/apple etc from losing their position, but it’s encouraging if even a small group begins working on other options. Right now, that seems most relevant in tokens/ICOs. There are a lot of problems, but the opportunities for new business models and funding options is exciting.

There’s a lot to be wary of as we head into 2018, but overall the opportunities are even more exciting.

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