Happy Birthday USA

It’s July 4th, and I’m lucky to be home on Nantucket, where I’ve spent all but a handful of Independence Days throughout my life. 

Looking back a year, the country hasn’t made the kind of progress I’d like to see but I still feel lucky to be here and feel that when taking a wider view, the country is in a better place than 20 years ago.  

There are few other countries that I’d consider living even temporarily. The people in positions of power in our government have changed, but the country is still generally made up of the same people that made it great a year ago. 

No fireworks here tonight, as they were shot off last night, but still had some great community festivities downtown. A massive water fight on Main Street highlighted the day. Presumably, it’s for the kids, but plenty of adults got involved, including my brother Stephen who may have had the most fun of all spraying from his office window and being surprised by a firefighter surprising him from inside the building. 

Now, it’s off to the beach to spend some time with my wife, boys, brothers, parents, and friends. 

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