Focusing EcomLoop

Last week, I wrote a post about marketplaces and how ecommerce is changing on the EcomLoop blog. Towards the end of the post, it felt somewhat forced, and still does a few days later. It’s not that what I wrote wasn’t valid, but that I was forcing the post to work on EcomLoop.

The idea for the post came to me when looking at business for sale – not the one I’m closing on currently. The business was involved with marketplace-style sites. Wanting to find a way to make it fit with another project, I worked for a way to make it fit with EcomLoop.

It didn’t work.

EcomLoop needs to be much more focused, rather than being so wide-ranging and somewhat vague. EcomLoop works to help small & medium ecommerce businesses find solutions to grow by connecting them with the rights apps, software, services, experts, and more. The homepage has been updated to reflect this change.

It’s really easy to lose focus, especially before the business has been well-defined. I’ve been hesitant to commit to a single idea and that’s been a mistake. Now, the home page is more well-defined, and I’ve got a clear idea of the next steps to take to build the first real product of the site, besides the blog. There are still plenty of options and decisions to make to get there.

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