Ecommerce is Changing, Crypto is

When I introduced EcomLoop last week, I discussed the changing nature of ecommerce, as well as wanting to use the site to connect many people working in ecommerce. It’s had me thinking a lot more about marketplaces and how ecommerce has changed, which I wrote about on the EcomLoop blog today. I’ve got a few ideas of how to integrate some marketplace ideas on EcomLoop. Besides being a great business model for cashflow reasons, I believe the platform nature of marketplace automatically helps makes the business less reliant on any one person, including myself.

Speaking of ecommerce, my morning started by reading about acquisitions by two big ecommerce players. At first glance, Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods makes a lot more sense to me than Walmart buying Bonobos. Whole Foods’ customers shop on Amazon (though not necessarily the other way around) but there’s not a lot of overlap between Bonobos and Walmart. It does follow suit with their recent purchases anyway, including Moosejaw, Modcloth and others. We’ll see this plays out, but in the short term, it means Nordstom now carries a Walmart-owned brand.

And cryptocurrencies are recovering already after the recent drop. Who knows where it goes in the short-term but these dips seems like good buying opportunities for now.

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