Alternatives to Goals

Looking back at the last year, and ahead to the next, I’ve thought a lot about goals recently. Typically, I subscribe to the thinking that SMART goals are best. However, I am not sure that’s the best for bigger picture projects as new developments have the potential to make previous goals irrelevant or unimportant.

That’s certainly been the case for me the last few years so i though about ancoupke alternatives that I’ve read over the years.

For the next year, I’m sticking away from specific goals. Instead I want to set a theme of being more deliberate with my resources, especially time and money. It’s a rather broad theme, but it’s something of which I need to be more cognizant. There are any number of sub-themes possible, and I’ll continue to work on projects, both personal and professional, much like I have in the past, which was largely using the milestone idea already.

With an ever-growing number of options available, it feels more prescient than ever to be deliberate with how we spend our time. And while time is finite and cannot be purchased, money can help free up time and enhance areas of interest. There’s always a limit to our resources. The key is to allocate them to create new opportunities.

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