Acqistion and engagements

It’s been two and a half weeks since I won an auction to buy a business. Since then I’ve discussed the business with the seller via both email and phone, and have been working to transfer all the assets over. 

After initiating a domain transfer last week, the domain was officially released from the old registrar on Tuesday, July 4th and fully transferred over to my own Google Domains account. Yesterday, I changed the DNS records to point to my own server, where a copy of the site had already been migrated. I’ve now received everything necessary to officially take over, ending the process that started on Father’s Day. 

MerchReadyDesigns serves a niche audience by selling digital design files created by professional graphic designers to entrepreneurs looking to sell on Amazon via their Merch by Amazon platform. The platform is print-on-demand service, currently limited to t-shirts. I’m very familiar with the type of business, and have invested in a business that offers their own platform for POD merchandise. I’ve watched POD services like this grow enormously over the last few years, and believe Amazon will continue to push into new categories beyond tees. 

Moving forward, I see plenty of opportunity to grow the business. For now, I plan to get it running as efficiently as possible and grow the supply of designs in order to meet demand. 

Tonight, I’m off to celebrate – but not this purchase. A good Nantucket friend is getting engaged and he and his fiancĂ© have invited friends out to celebrate with them. He was there to celebrate with Courtney and I when we did the same thing, 8 years ago tomorrow and I’m happy to be able to celebrate with both of them tonight. 

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